We know that they cannot now take Communal classes for Covid19.

We offer Pilates sessions totally adapted to you for a very SPECIAL price

If you come at a time between:

Morning: de 9h a 12h30

Late: from 4pm to 6pm





Pilates Center CM this season presents REVOLUTIONARY.



“The team's cap”…. without more

Formed by PeakPilates and StottPilates USA

Yoga Teacher

Classes ONLINE

Invoice payer



Head of the Pilates area

Professors in Isthanga Yoga

Responsible for RECEPTION and MINDBODY

Creator of illusions



Head of the Osteopathy and Massages area

Personal trainer

Pilates teacher

The thousandth person in the world



Personal Trainer

Future Pilates teacher for Pilates Center CM.

In practice so as not to stop learning



Head of the Hypopressive area

Our hypoxic crack

A magnificent Physiotherapist




In charge of the Fan Club area

Without her life is different



In charge of the Marketing area

He “handyman” from the center, the Maintenance, it's yours.

Never stop making us laugh!



We don’t want to let our clients waste a single day on improving their body.

That's why we have the best team in Andorra.



If you want to be part of our team, send us your work proposal and we will study the implementation of our service among the whole team.

It only requires teamwork and being a positive person




Pilates Center CM this season presents INNOVATIVE.

We cannot allow our clients to miss a single day of improving their body

First class free trial

All classes by zoom, in a very simple way.

Until the day 9 without registration


Confirm your place as soon as possible, places are limited!

Contact us via the form on our website www.pilatesandorraconximarti.com



Pilates Center CM continues with its training program and prepares for a new season full of new features. The new era of Pilates Center CM continues with its project to train professionals in the sector or expand knowledge to lovers of Pilates and other modalities.

The trainings and workshops in Andorra for the months of September and October are:

  • 19 of September: Hypopressive training morning and afternoon for only € 100
  • 19 of September: knee recovery workshops with reformer, spine mobility recovery with Mat, lumbo-dorsal recovery with small material and advanced reformer exercises. The prices of the workshops are: – Un workshop 50€, – Dos workshops 90€, -Tres Workshops 125€ – Quatre workshops 160€. You can choose the ones you want!
  • 10 and 11 October Reformer training for only € 150

Complete training for all kinds of modalities taught by Tiffany Borrà, degree in Physiotherapy, our Conxi Martí graduated in INEF and trained by the best Pilates instructors in Spain and the United States and Natalia Gramaglia, INEF graduate and Pilates teacher, Pilates Center CM collaborator.

Confirm your place before 31 in August places are limited!

Contact us via the form on our website www.pilatesandorraconximarti.com