Calendar February 2021

6/7 February

Pilates Mat training with small apparatus

Calendar March 2021

5/6/7 March

Pilates Mat Initiation Training

On-line or Online


Do you want to become a trainer in our school? Do you want to be a Pilates professional? Or just improve your knowledge? In Pilates Center CM we don’t stop doing trainings and workshops so you can gain more experience , start in this world or teach new classes to your students.
Do you want to get a scholarship to continue studying with one of the best Pilates instructors? Very soon we will give more information about our school Conxi Martí. Become a trainer, have fun and work in one of the booming sectors!

Addressed to:

To qualified pilates teachers, Physiotherapists, Physical Education Teachers, and any client interested in improving his knowledge.

No experience required.


The material is (dossier) given to the student, via PDF, or directly in place.

The degree, is delivered once finished one or all the Workshops, directly in place, CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.